Equipment needed:
1. Scales (we will learn to use baker’s percentages and to measure by weight, not volume)
2. Two small bowls (for making and feeding starter)
3. A big bowl (size depends on how much dough you want to mix)
4. Loaf pans (at least one, but more if you want to make more than one loaf)

Optional equipment:
1. A stand mixer with a dough hook
2. Dutch ovens, clay cloches, Lodge Combo Cooker, or oven stone
3. Bannetons (AKA brotform, proofing baskets)
4. A lame or sharp knife
5. A bench knife.

1. Unbleached all purpose flour
2. Salt
3. Filtered or non-chlorinated water (for making the starter)
4. Tap water (for making the bread)
5. Patience and humility (it probably won't turn out perfect the first time)
6. Someone to bake for (baking for yourself is no fun)

December 27, 2016:  begin making starter
January 2, 2017:  make the dough
January 3, 2017:  bake the bread

Ground rules:
1. Simplicity:  The only ingredients we will use are those listed above. This is a beginners bake and we will keep it simple. We can experiment with other flours after we get this one under our belts.
2. Commitment:  You must be willing to share your results even if they don't turn out. The goal of this group bake is for us to learn.  If you share your mistakes then even one learns what not to do.  Plus, the group may be able to help figure out what went wrong.
3. Timing:  The time line above is for start dates. There is no reason you can't start later if this doesn't work for you, but I think we'll have the most fun if we can all stay on similar schedules, so please try.  I realize that because there are members all over the world, there will be some timing differences.