Sourdough Starter Project

Please help new sourdough bread bakers.  Send me pictures of your starter at [email protected] so that I can share them with members of Sourdough Bread Baking Facebook Group.
This is not intended to be a detailed discussion on how to make starter.  Rather, it is simply a reference page so that new sourdough bread bakers who are just starting out can refer to the photos and compare them to the starter they are creating in their own kitchen.  The goal is to give them a reference point so that they can have confidence that their starter is developing as it should.  Ideally, I would like to have photos of starter in the first few days of development so that I can show a day by day progression to mature starter.

Please include the following information:

1.       Age of your starter

2.       How long ago you last fed the starter in your photo

3.       The type of flour you are using

4.       What it smells like

5.       A description of the starter

6.       Your feeding method

7.       Where in the world you live

8.       Any other notes you’d like to include

See my example below.

Send the photo and information to [email protected] .com.  Please include “Sourdough Starter Project” in the subject line.

Please note:  There are many ways of making starter.  I am limiting this project to starter made with flour and water only.  This is the most basic form of starter and every baker has access to flour and water.  We can discuss other ways to make starter a the Facebook Group.

Jennifer Moss McQueen
2 Months Old
This is my starter it's about 2 months old and I feed it everyday 70g Unbleached AP Flour, and 70g Filtered Water. I keep it in a 2 quart mason jar. We made pizza dough the other day with it, it was amazing.

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